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Our continuous investment in manufacturing equipment ensures that we can build your products with precision and efficiency.
Utilising our technology effectively, ensures we can manufacture quality products at an economically beneficial cost.
We continually review the plant we use and investigate potential new equipment that can improve the manufacturing process.
Plant currently in use at CRS Electronics includes the following:
  • Blakell LS4000 Assembly Machine (3)
  • Blundell CMS400D Flow Solder Machine
  • using lead-free solder
  • Blundell Cropmatic (2)
  • Blundell Plus 12 Reflow Oven  
  • Bofa and Pace Fume Extraction
  • Cambridge Instruments Stereoscope
  • Circuit Cam software package
  • DCB Automatic Supervision AOI Machine
  • with off-line programming (2)
  • Intermec PC4 Barcode Labelling Printer
  • iPULSE M1 Pick And Place
  • Kirsten Stripper / Crimper (3)
  • Kodera Cut & Strip (2)
  • Leica Video Stereoscope
  • Motivair Compressor Equipment
  • Mydata MY12
  • Pace Thermoflo Rework Station
  • Quins Inspection Machine
  • SaFeS Integrated Manufacturing Software
  • Smtech 100 MV Printer (2)
  • Solderstar PRO Reflow and Wavesolder Profiler
  • Stag Quasar Universal IC Programmer
  • Suregrave Wizzard ST Engraver
  • XJTAG Boundary Scan Test Facility
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