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           Inspection & Test

Inspection and Testing Inspection

DCB Automatic Supervision AOI Machines with off-line programming (2), Quins Inspection Machine, Leica Video Stereoscope, Mantis Vision A Stereoscope (3).

Automatic Testing

Electrotest started with testing and every single item we produce at CRS Electronics finishes with testing. Nothing leaves our factory without being fully tested or fully inspected, so we can be sure that you are getting the very highest quality and service.
We are happy to use our existing test set-up, to use customer supplied test equipment or to design and build a completely new test environment, if required. Whatever application our customers try to test us with, we can test it, incorporating the XJTAG Boundary Scan Test Facility.

Quality Assurance

All PCBS, cabling and box builds are subject to the most stringent quality assurance and testing, not just at the final stage but at every stage, from component sourcing to final despatch. Our ISO 9001:2008 accreditation and our own high standards demand it.
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