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Conventional PCB Assembly

Conventional PCB Assembly equipment includes:
Blundell CMS400D, Blundell Cropmatic (2), Stag Quasar Universal IC Programmer, Suegrave Wizzard ST Engraver, Kodera Cut and Strip (2), Kirsten Stripper and Crimper (3), Cable Test Units.
With all this technology to call upon, we can work with accuracy and control at speed, which means we can keep costs down and pass the savings on to the customer.

Box Build

With our comprehensive facilities for the production of surface mount or conventional PCBs, as well as the manufacture of all forms of cabling and mechanical assemblies, we can easily produce a 'whole box build' to the same high standards of quality control and testing that we apply to all our work.

We can fabricate cabinets and control panels in our own workshop to meet your needs. If you need us to take care of constructing your finished product, we have the know-how. We can work with you from initial design to whatever stage of completion you require - from bare circuit boards through to final assembly and at a competitive price too.



Our harness assembly department can manufacture cable assemblies for a wide range of applications, built to our usual high standards of quality control. We have a wealth of experience in wiring control panels and harnesses for many different applications in industries such as telecommunications and railway signalling.

Our harness manufacturing facilities include:

  • Automatic crimping using Kirsten stripper crimp machines fitted with JST, Molex and Tyco applicators.
  • Kodera automatic programmable cutting machines
  • Semi-automatic cable testing
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