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                                                About CRS

We have been in contract electronic manufacturing for over 40 years. During our long period of successful trading, originally as Electrotest and in more recent years as CRS Electronics, we earned a reputation for excellence and we continue to work to the highest standards of manufacture and service.
We achieve this by using our technology and manufacturing methods; through strict testing and quality assessment and through the knowledge and dedication of our staff.
Offering Electronic Manufacturing, Surface Mount Technology, Finished Product Assembly and Automatic Testing, we have worked with a wide range of customers, across a vast selection of products.
Our service is a 'One Stop Shop' from concept to finished product and we can do as much or as little as required, whether it's assembling a circuit board or providing internal cabling, to a whole box build. We can even arrange design for
manufacture, helping you to design your circuit board from the very first stages.
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